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Home Decor

Pop's Alumilite bowl-1
Pop's alumilite bowl-5
Decor Bowls
Decor bowls-3
Decor Bowls-2
Bud vases

Many of our bowls are designed to be used, i.e. soup bowls, salad bowls, candy dishes, loose change and key holders etc.  Others, however, are designed more as display item since they are more fragile, made of peuliar materials or just plain different!  We call these our home decor items and areg rouped with our vases, weed pots or bud vases and lidded boxes.  As with many of our other items, many of these are made from recycled wood asd escribed elsewhere and are truly "one-of-a-kind."  Click on the pics below to see a larger picture.

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