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Kitchen and Bar

We make a variety of products for use in the kitchen including bowls, cutting boards, knives and pepper mills.  The following are examples.  Click on image for larger view.  See the store for current inventory

Cheese slicers
Cutting Boards
Bowls for web site

We make a variety of products designed to be used in the home bar or kitchen.  They include bottle openers, wine cork screws and bottle openers among others.  Bottle openers are m ade of wood or acrylic as well as materials such as shredded US currency and hops and barley from my beer making days.  Bottle stoppers are made of similar materials as well as grape vines cast in resin.  Some examples follow.  Click on the images for a larger view.

Bottle Openers-Paddle style
Combo wine&beeropeners
Bottle Stoppers
50 Caliber Bottle Openers
Bagel Knives
Ulu Knives

Some of our specialties include bagel/breadknives and Ulu knives.  The bagel knives use a stainless steel blade serrated on both sides to produce a super thin slice with fresh bread, bagels, English muffins and various vegetables.  The Ulu knives are used primarily to cut or chop

Another of our specialties are our pepper mills and salt mills.  Several styles are available including our very popular antique grinder style pepper mill.  Made of either regular domestic woods or stabilized and often dyed spalted woods, these are used for grinding pepper and should not be used for salt.  Our recent additions include resin cast pepper mills for an added charm.

Additional styles of pepper and salt mills use ceramic mechanisms which make the suitable for either pepper or salt.

Antique pepper mills
Pepper mills
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