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Pops Recycling Program

We use recycled wood from local trees
Bullet pens are made from once-shot casings
Antler pens are made from farm raised shed antlers

Most of the bowls, pepper mills, knife handles, bottle openers and bottle stoppers are made from recyled wood from local trees.  Trees were felled either by storms, disease or owner requirements.  Much of the wood is "punky" when we get it and requires stabilization and dying with Cactus Juice.  This process renders the wood stable and fit for use.  See the process described below:

To make "punky" wood suitable for use it is placed in a chamber filled with with a solution of Cactus Juice (a resin containing chemicals similar to cyanoacrylate or crazy glue).  A vacuum is applied and the air bubbles out of the wood.  When the vacuum is released, the Cactus Juice permeates the wood.  Following bakin for about an hour, the wood is ready to use and takes on a hard, plastic-like consistency.

While some of our bullet pens are  made from replica shells, most are made from once fired 30 caliber or 50 caliber shells.  The recycled shells are obtained either locally from marksmen and shooting ranges or from specialty shops.  Some 50 caliber products are made from new "dummy rounds" and contain real bullet tips.  No powder or primers were ever filled. 

Deer antlers are obtained as shed antlers from farms in the mid-western states.  No deer are harmed to provide these antlers.  Antlers are trimmed, drilled and made into various desk accessories such as pens, letter openers, magnifying glasses and key chains.  They are buffed and polished to a shiny luster.

Several products made by casting in resin

In addition to stabilizing with Cactus Juice, we also preserve materials by casting in various resins, most often Alumilite.  Materials such as grape vines, hops and barley, realy spalted wood, wood burls and shredded US currency (obtained legally!) are used to make a variety of bottle openers and bottle stoppers.  Check out the bar page for details.

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