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Our staff

As noted earlier, Pops, aka Tom Puskar, has been doing various woodworking projects for nearly 50 years.  His skills range from furniture building and various casework projects to medium size turning projects such as bowls, platters, vases and pepper mills and finally to small turned projects such as pens, bottle openers and bottle stoppers.  Pops has combined his second hobby, homebrewing, with his woodworking to develop a complete line of bar accessories,  Check them out.  A retired biochemist turned management executive, Pops spends most of his time developing new techniques to maximize use of recycled materials.

Meet Pops, aka Tom Puskar
Meet Gloria Puskar aka Grandma

An important part of our staff is Grandma, aka Gloria Puskar (as you guessed, Pops' wife).  While she doesn't participate in making the stuff we sell, Grandma can be seen at our craft shows demonstrating and describing many of the items Pops makes.  She enthusiastically tells customers how she gets the first of any new item (Pops calls them prototypes) to try out before we sell them.  Also referred to as our "Shipping Department" she makes sure that all customers know how to use their new purchase and where to call for help and ultimate reorders.

The final member of our team is Sandy.  Rescued from the streets of a Jersy shore town we believe she may have been born and ultimately abandoned around the time of superstorm Sandy--hence her name.  She doesn't attend our craft shows, but instead plays the role of Director of Security.  She notifies us of any delivery man who comes to the door with tools, parts or accessories for the products.  Occasionally she comes into the shop and rolls around in the sawdust--presumably to help clean up the shop!

Meet Sandy aka Director of Security
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